Statistical summary of Test matches in 2014-Part 8-Team performances

Having covered all facets of individual performance in the Tests of 2014, we now look at team performances. First, the overall performances:


It is not difficult to guess which team lies at the bottom, but the second from the bottom is more surprising. No, it is not Bangladesh which has a fairly respectable position this time. And New Zealand is at the top, though most cricket watchers consider South Africa to be the top team. South Africa has indeed been awarded the mace for the best-performing team of the year using ICC’s point system.

The largest team totals:

Highest team totals in 2014

Here all totals above 500 are listed. Sri Lanka heads with one of 700+ and New Zealand follows with two of 600+.

The lowest totals make an interesting contrast:

Lowest team totals in 2014

Only one total less than 100, though India features at the bottom and a few other scores below 175. On the whole, this year seems to have been in more for batsmen rather than bowlers. The past few years have seen totals in the 40s-and not by the minnows either.

Finally we look at the margins of victory-first by wickets:


The only narrow win is the one by Bangladesh against Zimbabwe-though it set the stage for their unprecedented 3-0 sweep.

Now the margins of victory by runs:


One large win by over 300 runs by Pakistan against Australia. Two wins by under 50 runs but not really close enough to be exciting.


Several heavy defeats-though it was not only the minnows at the receiving end.

This concludes our study of Tests in 2014. No more Tests till mid-April, while the ODI season gets going culminating in the World Cup. Hope you enjoyed this coverage. Various other material on Tests, ODIs and T20s will appear from time to time.