And now for something completely different: Reddy jokes instead of Yeddy jokes.

Hope that you got the Monty Python reference.

It is now open season for Yeddy jokes. So, for a change, we look at a famous Reddy joke.

As you know, N Sanjiva Reddy occupied Rashtrapati Bhavan in 1977-82. You may also know that two of his predecessors passed away in a certain bathroom in the building (Dr Zakir Hussain in 1969 and Fakhruddin Ahmed in 1977). It was said that whenever Mr Reddy went to use the bathroom the spirits of his predecessors would appear and chant “Reddy, Reddy, are you ready…….”

As things happened, he was not ready and lived out his 5-year term. Since then no Indian President has died in office, although Vice-President Krishan Kant was the only Vice-President to die in office in 2002 shortly before his term was to end.