Review of SA-WI Tests (2023) Part 2

Hope you have read Part 1.

Continuing with individual performances:


Most wickets (20 and above):

Led by Pollock, while Walsh has the most for WI. Ntini has the most 5wis (5) while he and Nel are the only ones with 10wm.

Roach and Rabada are the only current players.

Best innings bowling (All cases of 6wi or more):

Headed by Ntini and Rose. Rabada’s 6-50 is the best from current players.

Best match bowling (All cases of 8wm or more):

Headed by Ntini and Nel. Rabada again has the best (8-94) among current players.

Bowling averages (Minimum 2000 balls):

No current players here. Walsh has the best bowling average and economy rate, while Nel has the best strike rate.


Most dismissals (15 or more):

Headed by Boucher and Jacobs. J da Silva has the most dismissals by current players. Kallis has the most by a fielder.

Best innings dismissals (4 or more):

Headed by current player J da Silva.

Best match dismissals (6 or more):

Again headed by current player J da Silva.

Innings dismissal rate (Minimum 20 innings and 0.600):

Jacobs and Boucher have the best figures here, with Cullinan having the best for fielders.

J da Silva is not here as he has not played enough.

All-round performance:

Overall (see criteria in table):

Kallis is the only one who qualifies.

Match performances (50+ and 5wi):

Again, Kallis is the only one who qualifies.

Review of England-West Indies Tests-2020-II

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We now look at Bowling figures.

Most wickets (60 or more):

Bowling-60 wkts

The top two were contemporaries at a time when WI were declining from their peak. Broad is the only current player.

The most 5-fors were by Ambrose (8) and Gibbs (7), while several (including Broad) had two 10-fors.

Most wickets in an innings (8wi and above):

8wi and more

The only one from recent years was Chase’s 8-60 in 2019.

Most wickets in a Test (11wm and above):

11wm and more

Broad’s 10-67 is the best in recent years.

Best bowling averages (Minimum 2000 balls, maximum 30.00):

Bowl avg 30

While Garner and Ambrose lead the averages, Valentine and Ramadhin have the best economy rates and Marshall and Holding the best strike rates. An equitable distribution of work.

Now for Fielding statistics:

Most dismissals (25 or more):


Buttler is the only current player here.

The most stumpings were by Ames (11), the most catches by a keeper by DL Murray (90) and the most by a non-keeper by Lara (45)  and Sobers (40).

Most dismissals in an innings (5 or more):

5 dis-inngs

Most dismissals in a match (7 or more):

10 dis-match

Best dismissal ratio (Minimum 20 innings and 0.750)

Dis rate

Only Root from recent times. The best by a non-keeper is 0.916 by Hammond and 0.863 by Constantine. Also see the figures for the “hybrids” Stewart and Walcott.

All-round performances (see criteria below):

Minimum 20 innings batted, 2000 balls, 3+ fifties, 3+ 4wi:

AR overall

Sobers is far ahead of the others. Oddly enough Holding is in second place. Botham did not perform well against WI.

Match performances (Minimum one fifty and one 5wi):


Most of the famous names are here, with Stokes, Chase (2) and Broad in recent years.

The double of 100/5wi was reached by Sobers and Greig, while the double of 50/10 wm was reached by Boyce and Broad.