Record victories in ODIs

Here are all the ODI victories by runs as on 15 Jan 2023. This is for winning margins of 225 runs or more:

India’a 317-run victory over Sri Lanka on 15 Jan is the highest winning margin in all ODIs. The previous record was 290 runs by New Zealand against Ireland on 1 Jul 2008.

The best by India was previously by 257 runs against Bermuda on 19 Mar 2007 in the World Cup, right after Bangladesh had unexpectedly beaten India. Recently India had won by 227 runs against Bangladesh on 10 Dec 2022 (Ishan Kishan’s match)

India’s worst defeat by runs was 245 runs by Sri Lanka at Sharjah on 29 Oct 2000.

There have been many 10-wicket victories in ODIs