Review of West Indies-India T20I matches (July 2017)

Only 8 T20I matches have been played between these countries:

WI-Ind T20I Overall

West Indies lead India 5-2 with one no-result. In the West Indies, they lead 2-1.

Looking at individual batting performances:

Most runs (75 and above):

WI-Ind Runs

Evin Lewis leads with two centuries, while KL Rahul scored the only other century. Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli join Lewis in scoring over 200 runs. Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni have played in the most matches (7).

Highest innings (40 and above):

WI-Ind innings

Lewis made the highest score for West Indies, surpassing his 100 scored less than a year ago. He also surpassed the series record of 110* by Rahul in the same match last year. KD Karthik made the only other score above 40 in the recent match.

Highest batting averages and strike rates (minimum 5 innings batted):

WI-Ind Bat Avg

Kohli has the highest average as well as strike rate. Lewis has batted in only 3 innings and hence does not appear here.

Now for bowling:

Most wickets (5 and above):

WI-Ind wkts

Dwayne Bravo leads here, followed by Jadeja.

Best innings bowling (3wi and above):

WI-Ind Innings bowl

Sammy has the best bowling here, while Mishra has the best for India. No one took 3wi in the recent match.

Best bowling economy rate (minimum 5 innings bowled):

WI-Ind Bowl SR

Ashwin has the best economy rate, although Dwayne Bravo has the best average as well as strike rate.

Turning to fielding:

Most dismissals (4 and above):

WI-Ind dismissals

Dhoni leads here, while Kohli and Rohit have the most catches for non-keepers.

Most innings dismissals (2 and above):

WI-Ind inngs dis

Lendl Simmons has the most dismissals (3), which was as a non-keeper. No keeper has made more than 2 dismissals in an innings.

All-round performances:

Overall (see criteria):

WI-Ind AR overall

Dwayne Bravo (again!) is the only one who qualifies.

Match performance (Minimum 30 runs and 3 wickets):

WI-Ind AR match

This performance during the 2009 World T20 Championship is one of the finest T20I match performances of all time, as we see here:

T20I best AR

Probably it would be second only to that of Watson, while the other three instances were against weak opponents.


Eclectic score cards for ODIs

This is a follow-up from the last post

Now we take up ODIs in the same way. Though others interested in cricket statistics may disagree, I have removed ODIs involving multi-national teams such as the ICC World XI, Africa XI and Asia XI.

First, the highest scores at various batting positions in all ODIs:

ODI eclectic-1

Interesting that Kapil’s 175* in 1983 is the oldest record standing, followed by Viv Richard’s 189* in 1984. That was the only ODI played at Tunbridge Wells, and there is no video of this match available because of a dispute with the BBC at that time.

Now for Indian players:

ODI eclectic-2

Interesting that the records for numbers 9 and 10 came in the same match.

Now we look at all debutants in ODIs:

ODI eclectic-3

Interesting that Haynes’s record of 1978 still stands.

No debutant from India in the above table. Their details are here:

ODI eclectic-4

Oddly enough Brijesh Patel’s 82 from India’s very first ODI in 1974 is still a record.

Some may be thinking of Yuvraj Singh’s 84 at No 5 in 2000. But that was in his second ODI, while he did not bat in the first. (Shahid Afridi’s 37-ball century had a similar story).


T-20 International matches between India and South Africa

With the third match at Kolkata completely washed out, South Africa won the series 2-0 with no draw. Thus concluded the only bilateral series (and the only T20Is) between India and South Africa in India.

A total of 10  T20Is (where play got started) have been played between India and South Africa, with India still having a slight edge at 6-4.

Not much by way of statistics for these 10 matches, so they won’t take much time to go through.



Rohit Sharma, Raina and de Villiers have scored the most runs. Dhoni has played in all 10 matches between these teams, though Raina and de Villiers have only missed one apiece.


Rohit Sharma and Raina have scored the only centuries, 106 and 101 respectively. Sharma’s century came in a losing cause in this series. Raina is one of the few international players to have centuries in all 3 formats. Ingram’s 78 is the best for South Africa.

Here we take those who batted in at least 5 innings:


Duminy and Sharma have the highest averages, while Kohli, Raina and Albie Morkel have the highest strike rates.

Now to bowling:


Ashwin has the most wickets (10) while the best for SA is 4 by Botha and Albie Morkel.


RP Singh has the best innings figures of 4/13 which came in the 2007 World cup. Albie Morkel’s 3/12 in this series is the best for SA.

Considering those who bowled in at least 5 innings:


It is easy to see that Ashwin has the best average and strike rate while Harbhajan has the best economy.

Now to fielding:


de Villiers and Sharma have the most dismissals with 8 and 7 respectively. Boucher and Dhoni (3) have the most for keepers.

It can also be seen that several players have taken 3 dismissals in an innings.

For those who fielded in at least 5 innings:


de Villiers and Sharma have by far the highest rate of dismissals per innings, while Dhoni has the highest rate for pure keepers.


No one has reached the modest overall target of 100 runs and 5 wickets.

The best match performance is this modest effort of


in the 2012 world cup.