Onwards to the WC finals

India can reflect on this list of teams who have scored 170 or more for the first wicket in T20Is:

And on Pakistan’s unflattering performances in T20Is against England:

Now see the T20I ratings as on Nov 11 (after the semifinals):

This tells us that England is just ahead of Pakistan.

So far, in a particular match in this tournament the team with a higher rating won 21 out of 28 times (75%). But such estimates for closely matched sides are unreliable.

Also refresh your memory of the 1992 World Cup finals. At that time Nawaz Sharif (born 1949) was PM, now it is his younger brother Shehbaz Sharif (born 1951).



Another interesting sidelight is that England lost in the finals of 3 of the first 5 50-over World Cups. Graham Gooch played in all these matches.