Draw with 9 wickets down:

The second Test between Pakistan and New Zealand at Karachi in 2023 ended in an exciting draw, with Pakistan 9 down in the fourth innings and needing to make 15 runs to win.

The scorecard: https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/new-zealand-in-pakistan-2022-23-1339576/pakistan-vs-new-zealand-2nd-test-1339610/full-scorecard

The full list of the 25 Tests which were drawn with the 4th innings having 9 wickets down:

Today’s match is 6th on the list of highest 9-down scores in the 4th innings.

India was the first team to achieve this. The last entry here is from 1946, where India ended with 152/9 needing another 126 to win. Bedser took 11 wickets in his 2nd Test, having also done so in his debut in the previous Test.

India also ended up needing only one run to win in 2011 after reaching 242/9. This was R Ashwin’s debut. It is not a tie, but would have been one if the 10th wicket had fallen.

Another exciting finish was in 1963, when England ended with 228/9 needing 6 runs to win. They had got this far because Colin Cowdrey had come out to bat after his arm was fractured.

While today’s match had an exciting finish, there have been many others where the survival skills of No 11 batsmen have been tested for long periods.

Tests in 2022-Bowling records

Continuing with the Test performances of 2022:

Most wickets-20 or more:

Lyon and Rabada both have 47 wickets, with Rabada having a better average.

The most 5wi are 4 by P Jayasuriya and 3 by Lyon. The former made his debut this year.

4 players have taken 10 wm once.

Best innings bowling (including all 6wi or better):

The best performance was MJ Henry’s 7-23. followed by two t-fors by KA Maharaj against Bangldesh. SN Thakur’s 7-for against SA is the best for India. Also note two 6-fors by P Jayasuriya against Australia at Galle on his debut, and Abrar Ahmed’s 7-for against England on his debut.

Best match bowling (Including all 9wm or better):

Led by P Jayasuriya’a 12-177 against Australia on debut, and Abrar Ahmed’s 11-234 also on debut. RA Jadeja’s 9-for is the ebst for India.

Best bowling averages (Minimum 2000 balls bowled, all instances):

Only three players have bowled enough. NM Lyon has the best bowling average as well as the best economy rate and strike rate.

Tests in 2022-Team records

Here we consider all Tests which were played in 2022:

Here are the Test teams arranged by W/L ratios:

Australia is far ahead of other teams, with England in second place. They are followed by the West Indies and India.

Now we look at the ICC ranking table (updated on 25 Dec 2022):

Here Australia leads again, followed by India, England and South Africa.

This has nothing to do with the World Test Championship which has an entirely different calculation method. This is the position of WTC points on 31 Dec 2022:

Here, India is in second place after Australia. The positions may change after all the matches are played in the beginning of 2023.

To be continued with other statistics connected with batting, bowling etc.

Narrow victories by India in Tests:

By wickets:

1 wkt: v Aus at Mohali, 2010

2 wkts:v Aus at Mumbai (Brabourne), 1964

2 wkts:v Aus at Chennai, 2001

3 wkts:v WI at Chennai, 1979

3 wkts:v Aus at Brisbane, 2021

3 wkts:v BD at Mirpur, 2022

By runs:

13 runs: v Aus at Mumbai (Wankhede). 2004

No other instance for 20 runs or less.

Note that Australia has most often been caught in these results.

Finer points about Test captaincy-Part 1

Here we look at

  1. Players who have played the most Tests
  2. Players who have captained in the most Tests
  3. Players who have been non-captains in the most Tests

Those who have played the most Tests (12 and more):

It is well known that Tendulkar has played the most Tests-200. The next few may not be that well remembered. Note that the number of Tests played as captain widely vary, starting from zero (see the entries for JM Anderson and his old comrade SCJ Broad) to 93 for Border-though even this is not a record, as we will see in the next section. JE Root has captained the most among current players, although he is not captain at the date of writing in late 2022.

Most Tests played as captain (50 or more):

Here we have the record by GC Smith of captaining the most times-108. The only 8 Tests he did not captain in were at the beginning of his career. Next are AR Border (93) and SP Fleming (80). Kohli is in 6th postion with 68 Tests (besides 34 not as captain).

Most Tests played not as captain (110 or more):

Tendulkar has played in 175 Tests not as captain, besides 25 as captain. Next is Kallis with 163 not as captain, and only 2 Tests as a captain. As you may guess, these were as a stand-in when the regular captain was unavailable. In third place is JM Anderson. who has played all his 160 Tests without ever being captain.

This leads us to other questions, such as:

Who have played the most Tests without ever being captain?

Is there anyone who has played all his Tests as captain?

The answers to these questions will be given in Part 2.

Actually, the #1 and #2 and the next few for the first question have already been identified, but there is no clue about the second question so far.

So please read Part 2 which will be put up within a day.

Shining on Test debut

Many have done well on their Test debut. Here is a brief summary of the numbers:

Century on debut : 110 players have scored 112 centuries on their Test debut. This includes LG Rowe and Yasir Hameed who each scored two centuries on debut.

Double centuries on debut: Out of the 112 centuries mentioned above, only 7 were double centuries, headed by RE Foster’s 287 of long ago and with today’s D Conway at the bottom with exactly 200.

5 wickets in an innings: 101 players have taken 5wi on debut 112 times. 11 had taken two fivers on debut. The best innings figure is 8-43 by AE Trott

10 wickets in a match: 10wm on debut has been achieved by 17 players. This includes the 11 mentioned in the entry before this, besides others with combinations like 6+4 or 7+3. The two best performances are 16-136 by ND Hirwani, followed by 16-135 by RAL Massie.

So a double century on debut is the most difficult to achieve. However, as many as 13 players have made 200 runs in their debut match, headed by LG Rowe with 314 (214 + 100*). Next is RE Foster with 306 (287 + 19).

We will look deeper into 10wm on debut shortly. This category has found it most difficult to replicate their debut feat.

Centuries in both innings of a Test-Part 1

It is easy to get a list of those who have achieved this using Statsguru:


This has been done on 89 occasions in all Tests.

Bradman did it once. Tendulkar never did.

3 players did it on 3 occasions: SM Gavaskar, RT Ponting and DA Warner.

11 others did it on 2 occasions, including R Dravid.

58 others did it on one occasion.

This is a fairly rare occurrence, but seems to have become more frequent in recent times.

LG Rowe and Yasir Hameed are the only ones to score two centuries on their debut. Hameed never scored a century again.

There are some who have scored their only two centuries in a single Test. And some others who scored their first two centuries in a single Test.

Read more in Part 2.

Century on Test debut and no fifty ever again

Continuing on the theme of this post: https://abn397.wordpress.com/2022/11/16/century-on-test-debut-and-never-again-oct-2022/

Here we look at the cases of those who scored a century on Test debut but never made a fifty after that:

Note the special case of AG Ganteaume who scored a century in his only Test (in fact his only Test innings). Perhaps this list should also include RE Redmond who scored 107 and 56 in his only Test in 1973. However, his son AJ Redmond played 8 Tests with a top score of 83.

The longest spell of tolerance by the selectors was for van Zyl (12 Tests) and DR Smith (10).For India there was Pataudi Sr (3 Tests for India, all as captain) and Shodhan (also 3 Tests).

The highest scores here are by Kuruppu (201*) and Ibadulla (166) besides the first of these unfortunates C Bannerman (165*)

Century on Test debut and never again (Oct 2022)

Many players have score2 centuries on Test debut, starting with Charles Bannerman in the very first Test in 1877. But a significant number have never made a century again. This even includes one who made 2 centuries on debut (Yasser Hameed).

A total of 110 players have made 112 centuries on Test Debut. Lawrence Rowe accompanies Yasser Hameed in making 2 centuries on debut. But 39 of these (over 35% ) never scored another century. Here is the list:

You can also see that some did not even cross fifty after their debut. They will be tabulated next.

Footnote: Fawad Alam was stuck on this list for over 11 years from 2009 to 2020 before he scored his second century and a few more.

Summary of odd cricket records

Summing up of my last few blogposts on this topic:


RT Ponting (Aus): 107

Current players: JM Anderson (Eng): 78

Indian players: SR Tendulkar: 72


EAE Baptiste (WI): 10

Current: None

Indian: None


B Sutcliffe (NZ): 42

Current: Nurul Hasan (BD): 7

Indian: BK Kunderan: 18


S Chanderpaul (WI) 77

Current: JM Anderson (Eng): 61

Indian: SR Tendulkar: 56


Alok Kapali (BD): 17

Current: None

Indian: None


RK Chauhan (Ind): 22

Current: AR Patel (Ind) : 6

Indian: RK Chauhan as above


Kapil Dev (Ind): 76

Current: None of 40 or above

Indian: Kapil Dev as above


CV Gadkari (Ind): 6 &

Shafiq Ahmed (Pak): 6

Current: None

Indian: CV Gadkari as above


AK Markram (SA): 33

Current: AK Markram as above

Indian: HH Pandya: 11

(Special note: Markram also holds the record for the longest palindromic surname among Test players)

Most and least draws in Test matches

also see


Now for the third phase where we look at players who saw the most and least draws in their Test careers, for those who played in at least 5 Tests. These are for all Tests up to 30 Sep 2022 (except the ICC XI v Aus Test of 2005). A total of 1888 players have played in 5 or more Tests apiece,

It is easy enough to see who have seen the most draws. That is given in the next table. Naturally, this depends on how many Tests the player got to play in.

Headed by Kapil Dev (76) and Tendulkar (72) who are among the most capped Indian players. The first 4 names are from India, until Javed Miandad (62) takes 5th place.

There are no contemporary players here, the most recent being S Chanderpaul (48) who retired from Tests in 2015.

As mentioned above, the most by an Indian player is 76 by Kapil Dev.

These are those who have seen draws in all of their Tests.

That is a rather short list:

2 players, Gadkari of India and Shafiq Ahmed of Pakistan were unfortunate to see draws in each of their 6 Tests. Next there are one New Zealander, one Zimbabwean and another Indian with draws in each of their 5 Tests. All of PH Punjabi’s Tests came in an India-Pakistan series in 1954-55. (Also he was not born in Punjab but from faraway Karachi).

The record of 18 no-draws in 18 Tests was held by the 19th-century English bowler GA Lohmann for a long time. He had 15 wins and 3 losses.

This is the table for the most Tests (10 or more) without seeing a draw. As many as 121 players with more than 5 Tests qualify here:

In case Markram encounters a drawn Test now, he loses his record which will go back to Lohmann with 18.

Note the presence of Alok Kapali (all losses in 17 Tests) and E Baptiste (all wins in 10).

A quick summary of this and other connected posts will appear shortly.

The Dickwella phenomenon

Niroshan Dickwella is sometimes the subject of jokes involving his surname, but has attracted the attention of cricket enthusiasts for his puzzling inability to score a century.

Let us first look at:

Most 50+ scores without a century (8 and above):

Dickwella tops this list with 22 fifties, going far ahead of the previous record held by India’s CPS Chauhan which stood since 1981 until the 2020s. MA Starc is the only current player here, and may yet make a hundred near the end of his Test career.

Also note Shane Warne whom we will meet again in this post.

Now we look at the

Most runs without a century (1500 and above):

Dickwella is 2nd here after Warne. Chauhan is in 3rd place. Current players are Southee and Starc.

Next we look at:

Highest batting averages without a century (Minimum 20 innings and 30.00):

This is headed by the lesser-known Asim Kamal, who made 99 on his Test debut. Dickwella is further down this list, in 10th place. His neighbours include current players C Green (Aus), HE vd Dussen (SA) and Faheem Ashraf (Pak). S Gill (Ind) also has an average above 30.

Still, Dickwella has made 96 in a Test. But there is a surprisingly large number of Test players whose top score is between 96 and 99:

9 players have a top score of 99, besides AJ Tudor who was left on 99 not out in a winning 4th-innings chase. Similarly there are many with 96, 97, 98 and 99. There are a few current players here such as MA Starc (again !), van der Dussen, Nauman Ali and newcomer J Overton who made 97 in his debut innings. They are followed by W Sundar and N Dickwella.

But the current players who have not made a Test century yet should not lose heart. Some have made their maiden centuries after a long wait. (This list may not be exhaustive):