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  1. Finally some one has recognised in the diesel locomotive heirarchy, the primary diesel locomotive introduced in Indian Railways had hydraulic transmission. The WDS 4 was designed by Mr Suri who worked for the Indian Railways: I was under the impression the the S stood for Suri! His design was not accepted and he sold the design of the hydraulic transmission to Siemens which then in turn sold it to the I R.
    I had seen a WDS 3 working in Gooty and six or nine months later when I went to Gooty, all of them were homed in the diesel shed there: I learnt that they were not being used! this was around 1980 or 1981.
    i am a fan of the Deltics and there was a diesel hydraulic version of the Deltic.
    Mr.Suri died of a broken heart at a comparatively young age and I do hope his firm Suri and Menen is still functioning!


  2. Sir, You are correct. It is now known as SAN Engineering, and in their website there is a photo of a loco which resembles the WDS 4.


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