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  1. Finally some one has recognised in the diesel locomotive heirarchy, the primary diesel locomotive introduced in Indian Railways had hydraulic transmission. The WDS 4 was designed by Mr Suri who worked for the Indian Railways: I was under the impression the the S stood for Suri! His design was not accepted and he sold the design of the hydraulic transmission to Siemens which then in turn sold it to the I R.
    I had seen a WDS 3 working in Gooty and six or nine months later when I went to Gooty, all of them were homed in the diesel shed there: I learnt that they were not being used! this was around 1980 or 1981.
    i am a fan of the Deltics and there was a diesel hydraulic version of the Deltic.
    Mr.Suri died of a broken heart at a comparatively young age and I do hope his firm Suri and Menen is still functioning!


  2. Sir, You are correct. It is now known as SAN Engineering, and in their website there is a photo of a loco which resembles the WDS 4.


  3. I wanted to leave a comment on your posts regarding the Khyber Pass Railway, but could not find anywhere else to post. Recently Google has finally updated satellite imagery around the Afghan border area. On it now, the tunnels and trackbed leading up to the Afghan border from Landi Khana are very clearly visible. In fact, they appear to be in use as a road. There is a cutting stopping right at the border, which could be nothing else other than the right of way which was never completed.

    The area around Landi Khana itself seems to be undergoing development and the tracks have mostly been obliterated. However the general layout can still easily be traced by anyone having interest in the subject.


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